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** Please help us with deciding our new school values**

At Barden, we like to continuously review areas of our school to ensure that we are achieving the very best we can. A focus in our Whole School Improvement Plan this year, is reviewing our School Values to find out if the ones we currently have are the ones that are the very best they can be. 

We have been working hard as a staff to identify what underpins our values and what makes Barden 'Barden'. Following this, we have identified a number of values that we feel encapsulate our school.

Our next step is to consult with our wider community - parents and children, to find out their views on which values they think we should have.

These values will then be embedded into our school life, from how we interact with each other across the whole school community, to how we learn in school and how we are as people.

This is a very exciting project and something that all staff at Barden are very enthused about. I am looking forward to sharing these new values with you when we all agree on what they should be. Thankyou for helping us with this. Mrs Holgate