At the start of the afternoon of 17th SEPTEMBER 2020, I was contacted by a parent of a child in Skylarks (3) to inform me that their child has tested positive for Covid-19. The child was not in school on this day. The parents of all the other students in the child’s class (Skylarks class), have been contacted and all children and staff in this class have been sent home this afternoon and told to self-isolate for 14 days. The rooms where the class have been taught are to be deep cleaned immediately. No other student bubbles in any other year group have been affected.

Mrs Holgate

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Year Group Expectations

The documents below aim to support class teachers, parents and our wider school community to know exactly what the expectations, in terms of key knowledge and skills, are for each subject on a year by year basis.

The key knowledge and skills are identified taking account of the
2014 Primary National Curriculum. 

In subjects other than English, Maths and Science, the national curriculum provides guidance for each key stage (KS1 and KS2). Therefore, in order to ensure clear progression at Barden, we have separated the skills needed for each year so as to enable teachers to have a better understanding of what is expected in each year group. 

The main aim of these documents are to provide you with a 'at a glance' understanding for the year group children are working within. These are a great resource to support parents' understanding of expectations for their child.