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Week beginning 29th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 8th June

There are lots of writing tasks that you could do

about this wonderful story - 

Draw a picture of your favourite part in the story.  Write sentences about your picture and why you like that part. 

Draw a map of the story labeling the animals and fruits along the way.

There are lots of questions in the story.  Write two questions that you would like to ask Handa.  Don’t forget to use a question mark at the end.

Week beginning 1st June 

It's all about the fruit and vegetables!


It is the time of year that we see lots more different fruits and vegetables in our shops.  I wonder what fruit and vegetables you have in your home right now.  See if you can name 10 fruits and 10 vegetables.  Draw a picture of the different foods and label them.


Write the instructions to make a fruit salad.  Use your letters and sounds to sound out the words – maybe start with writing –

  1.  First get a bowl, knife, chopping board and lots of fruit.
  2. Next chop up the fruit.
  3. Put the fruit in the bowl.

And of course you get to eat the fruit salad at the end!  Yum yum!  Of course if you are beginning to use your letters and sounds you can use pictures to show the instructions and just put the first letter sound of each word.