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Introduction to the day...

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We are reading...Stick Man by Julia Donaldson


World Book Day 2021

Thursday 4th March


Choose from any of these exciting activities today to celebrate World Book Day. Remember to take photos and send them to your teacher. Enjoy reading!


Our focus story for today is Stick Man By Julia Donaldson. We will be reading this story at our 10am Live session so join us then using the usual link. If you missed our live session then you can hear the story again at



Go outside and collect some sticks and stones.

Make your own Stickman using the sticks. Give your Stickman a name.

Paint the stones with other characters from the Stick Man story and write some special words from the story on your stones.


Story Telling  and Drama

After listening to the story retell it to your family.  Can you use some of the rhyming words to help you? Tell the story again using a quiet voice. Then try again using a scared voice. Now be the Stickman and try and act as you think Stickman would. How would he move? What voice would he use?

Ask an adult to video you being Stick Man.


Story Writing

Write a mini adventure about your new Stickman. What will your story be called? What problem will Stickman have?

Rhyming Words

Make a list of all the rhyming words you heard in the book. Collect other words that rhyme. Make a rhyming dictionary.

Photo Time

Choose a favourite book and have your photo taken reading it in an unusual place. Send the photos to your teacher. Your photo may be in your reading den that you have been asked to make for the competition.


Drop, Everything and Read.

Share and read your favourite story or books as a family. Encourage everyone in your house to be reading at the same time too.



Create some music for the story that could be used in an introduction to the story or could be a sound that is used every time Stick man appears.


 Quiz Time

Make a quiz about books. All the questions could test us about the Stick Man story or they could be based on another of your favourite book. Or you can complete the quiz on the website guessing who the teachers are and what character they are dressed up as.


Stick Games

Think about the ways we can use sticks. Make up a game that uses sticks. Show us how to play the game or write the instructions for us to see.


Create a design for your new bedroom based on the story of the Stick Man. Remember to include bedding, posters and maybe even wooden shaped furniture. Could it be like a tree house or decorated like it was beside a river.

Mrs Holgates Story

Listen to Mrs Holgate read a story live at 10:30am

I wonder what story she will choose?

Family Events Key Stage 1

Monsters, dinosaurs and poop! Thursday 4th March 9.30am - 11am or 1pm - 2.30pm



Live session at 2:00pm

Come to our afternoon Live session with your favourite book. Maybe you could be in your new den? Come ready to talk about what you liked or choose a favourite part of the story to read to the class. You may even want to dress up for the occasion. Can you create a new costume from what you have at home?


Watch and relax

At the end of a busy day settle down in your reading den and watch the animated version of Stick Man


On BBC iPlayer


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Saturday 6th March, 1pm – 2.30pm

All the family can join in.