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Weekly Homework

Hello Wagtails

Welcome back to the Spring Term in a brand new year 2021.

We hope you have had a great holiday and are a ready to take part in some more great lessons and learning.

Remember to give your best to everything that you are asked and make us all proud.

Reading Activities

Have you finished all of your allocated books for this week?

Why don't you complete a Book Review to let others in your class know whether you enjoyed the book. There are three different reviews to chose from. If you would prefer you could try and retell the story to an adult or why not try writing a new adventure for the characters you have met. Happy Reading!


Every Friday the children will be given some spelling words to practice. These spellings are linked to their phonic lessons in school. A proven successful way to practice these are to firstly look at the word and read it, then cover the word up and have a try at writing the word. This is then better practiced over three days so your child is more able to write the words and remember the pattern when needed.

Learning Challenge Curriculum BRILLIANT BURNLEY!