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Wednesday 7th October - Afternoon

Prynhawn Da!

It is Wednesday afternoon.  Time for Magic Maths.  

Last week we looked at materials.  Can you remember what we investigated?  That's right we used our sense of touch to find materials that were rough and smooth; and we found objects that were made of wood and fabric.  Today we are going to find out about objects that are made of Metal and Stone.  Let's watch the videos from Kit and Pup. 

Metal and Stone.wav

Now it is your turn.  Off you go on an investigation - see what objects you can find that are made of metal and stone.  You might come across some different materials too, I wonder what you will find.


Snack Time - what fruit or vegetable will you have today?

snack time wed pm.wav

It is Story time - find a book in your house and share it with your adult.  Send me an email and let me know what book you have shared and what you liked about it.

story time wed pm.wav

That is the end of the home learning, hopefully tomorrow I will see you in school.  See you soon smiley

End of home learning.wav