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Wednesday 30th September - Afternoon


It is now the afternoon as if is after 12 o'clock.

It is time for our Magic Maths Time.

Click on the video link below.

Magic Maths Day

Still image for this video

Tomorrow we will be splitting into our Magic Maths groups and I will email to your parents which group you are in.


Now it is time for our Learning Challenge.

Our question today is 

'What do objects feel like?' 

We can use our super senses (just like super girl) to look, feel and touch different objects and use words to describe them.


Let's watch a video first all about 'Rough and Smooth.'



learning challenge rough and smooth.wav

Now it's your turn - move around your house and investigate what different objects feel like.  Maybe you could make a collection of smooth and rough object and email me a picture of what you have found.



rough and smooth task.wav

It is snack time now - time to have a healthy snack like a vegetable or a piece of fruit and a drink of milk or water.  Talk to your parent about different fruit and vegetables that are good for you.  Why do we eat fruit and vegetables I wonder?

snack time 1.wav

It is time for a story now - share a book with your parent - let me know by email what story you have shared and tell me what characters were in it.  

story time 1.wav

Our last task for the day is circle time - you could get some of your toys and put them in a circle as we cannot be together to make a circle.


Today we are talking about rules.  I wonder why we have rules.  We have rules in our world to help everyone stay safe and to be fair.

What rules do we have in our class, can you think of them and think of the reasons why we have that rule?

We walk in the classroom. 

We take care of everything and keep our class tidy.

We try our best.

We listen and do what we are told straight away.

We are kind to one another.

What rules do you have in your house?



Great learning today everyone - please get your parent to send me an email to tell me how you have done with your learning.  Have a great evening and I will see you tomorrow.

Goodbye 1.wav