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Tuesday 6th October - Afternoon

'Prynhawn da everyone'

It is Tuesday afternoon.  Time for Magic Maths.  Today we are going to look at a programme called 'Busy Things'  You can log on in school hours.  


First click on Early Years 


Then click on At home 


Then click on Mathematics 


Next click on the Counting 

Finally click on the game for your group - 

Group A - 


Group B - 


Group C - 

Have fun!

Music and Rhymes with Mrs Raynor.

Good afternoon girls and boys it’s Mrs Raynor. Can you remember saying nursery rhymes and making up actions for them? First we learnt Hickory Dickory Dock and then Humpty Dumpty. If you click the link below you will be able to watch Humpty Dumpty. Show your family the actions I am sure they will enjoy joining in. After you have done that click on the next link to watch Hey Diddle Diddle. See if you can make up some actions to go with the rhyme. I would love to see them when you get back to school.          Humpty Dumpty       Hey Diddle Diddle

This afternoon we would have been getting the musical instruments out and learning their names and how to play them. We can’t do that. Instead I have added a Power Point all about body percussion. This means that you are going to be using your body to make different sounds. You are going to be a musical instrument!  Have Fun!