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Other Tasks

Here are your weekly tasks for this week:

If you have any questions, remember to ask on our blog. 

Weekly Tasks - Spelling, Handwriting and Creative Curriculum

Continued Project:

Create an automaton in the style of the book - Hugo Caberet

Create a Rainbow!


Join children and families across the UK and create a rainbow on paper using coloured pencils, felt tips, paints, tissue paper, scrap paper, magazine cuttings or something else creative! 


Then stick it in your front window to spread postitivity! 


Post a picture on our blog! I can't wait to see it!

Tell me about your day!


Once you have finished your 'school day', tell me all about it on our blog page!


Tell me what you have enjoyed doing, what you have found hard, what you haven't liked, what you would like more of or anything else exciting that you have done with your day of home learning! 

Don't forget to share exciting pictures of work or projects!


I can't wait to see them!


Miss Walker