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Thursday 1st October Afternoon



It is time for Magic Maths.  


Parents this session has been split into groups - I will email you which Magic Maths video you should click on for your child.  

Magic maths 2.wav

Now it is time to write.  


Parents - all children develop at different rates to write and hold a pencil correctly.  I will email you what group your child is in.  Please encourage your child to hold the pencil or pen correctly.

Miss Brigg has a little trick to help your child pick up the pencil correctly and support them in this tripod grip.  We call it 'Pinch, flick and tuck.'


Pinch, flip and tuck pencil

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Taking your pencil for a walk

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Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Now it is time for snack - what healthy treat will you have today I wonder?
It is book time - if we were in class we would be looking at different types of books.  Maybe you have an information book in your house, or your grown up might help you look on the internet to find an information book.  What would you like to find out about?  

information book.wav

Well that's it for another day I hope you enjoyed your learning.  Don't forget to read a book from the online BugClub.  Once you have shared the book twice and answered the questions I can allocate you a new book.  See you tomorrow.

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