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A website called 'Busy Things' is available for your child to access during school hours to help your child to acquire computer skills through some fun games and activities through all areas of the Early Years Curriculum. Click on the link to access some of the activities. Each week an activity will be recommended linked to a topic.


Week 2 - linked to the topic 'Zoo animals'



pupil;        user   barden         password     letters3001


Busy Things login for schools and families | Play now

Busy Things is a multi-award-winning collection of educational games and activities to help kids learn between the ages of 3 and 11.


Click on the link for 'Busy Things' put in your password given above and click on Reception.  Go to The World and click on 'Jungle Animals.' Choose an animal that lives in the jungle or in a zoo and use the keypad and icons to put stripes, spots or colours on your animal. Save the finished result and email in your animal. Is it a tiger? Is it a Lion? 

zoo tech.wav