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Talk Homework

11th December 2020

You have all been busy learning at home this week.  The Owlets class had a visitor called Erica the Elf.  Where do you think she came from?  Can you draw a picture of where she might come from in your Busy Bee  book and send it to me via email?  I am looking forward to see your pictures. 


4th December 2020

People that help us

We have started to talk about people that help us.  There are so many people that help us in the world today.  Can you think of special jobs people have that might help you.  I will start you off with a clue –

Draw a picture of a special job that a person might have that will help people.  Talk about what they do in that job to help people.  How many different helping jobs can you think of?  Don’t forget to remind your parent to email me about your work. 

27th November 2020

This week we have been practising hopping on one leg.  We all find that hopping is easier on our strongest leg.  We have been practising hopping on both legs.  Remember to use your arms to propel yourself forwards. Talk about how it feels different hopping on each leg, how moving your arms makes it more powerful.    Have fun hopping! Let me know how you get on by email.   

If you would like to see where your child is in the stages of hopping click on the link below

20th November 2020


This week we have been looking at patterns.  A pattern is when something happens or is done following a set of rules which can be in a repeated or regular way.  We have been spotting patterns in and outside the classroom and making them. 

Encourage your child to look for patterns at home and out and about, talk to them about the type of patterns they see.  Maybe try and create patterns together.  Email me some photos of what you spot.  Have fun pattern spotting!

13th November 2020

This week we have been talking about grandparents.  We talked about who grandparents are, how everyone has grandparents, they might live with them, live in the same town, live far away or they might not be alive anymore.  

Please talk to your child about their grandparents, maybe show them photographs, if possible let your child ask them questions about their life.  Please email me what you and your child talked about. 

6th November 2020


This week we have been in Magic School.  The children have had so much fun (and the teachers too) that we have decided to continue into next week.  Homework this week is to think of a magic potion that would be exciting to make.  What ingredients would be needed to make it and what would it do?

In your ‘Busy Bee’ book ask a grown up to write the type of potion you have invented.  Draw the ingredients that you would need to go into it and then draw the potion in its bottle. Have fun inventing!!!!

Don't forget to email a photograph of your work.

22nd October 2020

Magic School!! 

On 2nd November 2020 your child will be attending ‘The Ministry of Magic’  (Magic School) please talk to them about what they might want to learn at magic school.  Try to really encourage your child to use their imagination for weird and wonderful things!  Have fun talking and email your child’s ideas.

Thank you

Magic school homework.wav

16th October 2020


We have been talking about having friends.  We thought of what makes a good friend and how we can be a good friend.  Talk to your child about the friendships they have.  Talk about the happiness that comes when you have friends.  How do we make friends?  Ask your child to draw a picture of a friend in their Busy Bee Book and ask them to describe what is special about their friend.   Send your child’s class teacher what you have discussed with your child. 

Talking Homework Friends.wav