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Summer 1

Week 6 

We arrived at school and the classroom had been 'trashed!'  We had to investigate!

We did observational paintings.  We looked carefully at the Welsh poppy flowers and painting using water paints.  We learnt how to use the tip of the paintbrush and use thin strokes.

Week 5

Gardening week!

Painting and model making.

Teddy bears picnic time!

Week 4 

We visited St Andrew's church.  We looked at special windows, the font, the alter, candles and lots more.

We went to the woodland area and looked at how the trees had grown.  We looked at the horse chestnut tree and sycamore tree.  We collected leaves and created observational drawings of them.  

We matched shapes and made shape pictures.

An author came to visit - Grandad Wheels.  We designed a new amazing wheel chair for him.

Outside learning!

Time to climb!

Week 3

We have been on a mini beast hunt in the woodland area.  Look at what we found.

We learnt the 3 primary colours are red, blue and yellow and we mixed them to discover new colours!  We used the colours to paint snails inspired by 'The Snail' by Henri Matisse.

We have been climbing like Jack up the beanstalk and throwing the beans out of the window like his mother!

We celebrated the forth coming King Charles III coronation.

Week 2

We celebrated Eid this week, we had so much fun!

Week 1 

We have been so busy this week.  We have been builders like the 'Three Little Pigs,' created a wonderful spider web like obstacle course, been strong riding the bikes with a passenger, played music on the large turtle instrument, talked about sculptures and make mini sculptures of snails!

We have created maps and followed them to get to an evergreen tree near the woodland area.  When we got there we found an alien called Bob!  He wrote had written a note to ask us what he had found.  They were beans!  He gave us chocolate as a treat!  We collected daisies and dandelions for our natural kitchen, looked at the leaves on a horse chestnut tree and had a peak at the green house in the garden area.