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Spring Term 1

Spring Term 1 - Curriculum Overview



In Maths, we continue revising basic skills throughout this half term during mathematics sessions. Applying these skills through problem solving activities will help us develop our understanding of basic principles of mathematics.

Some children will work at a greater depth in number and non-number skills. 


Ask the children the strategies they should use to help them with:

  • Calculating with negative numbers
  • Calculating with decimals


In English, we will be studying old literature- Macbeth by William Shakespeare. In this unit, we be exploring texts and vocabulary in groups and deepen comprehension through discussion. Children will prepare poems and play scripts to read aloud and perform.

Grammar: Warm ups throughout the reading phase – focus on investigating and collecting a range of synonyms and antonyms e.g. heroic – bold, courageous, daring, fearless, gallant, noble, valiant, cowardly, fearful, meek.

We will be collecting, discussing and using a range of Shakespearian language and display on our working wall.



Our science unit this half term will be ‘Keeping Healthy’. We will look at the impact of diet, exercise and lifestyle on our body.  We will understand the need for a varied and balanced diet. Sort the foods under the different food groups. Plan the different meals of the day making sure the diet is balanced. Explain why we have chosen to put this meal in your meal plan.


Creative Curriculum

This half term we will be observing the history of Benin.  Looking specifically at three different stages: the rise of the Benin empire, the first time they encountered Europeans and finally the fall of the empire. 

We will be giving reasons for contrasting arguments and interpretations of the past. As a group, we will research the term slavery.  What does it mean?  How do you think it relates to Benin.  Share how Benin made links to the rest of Europe through elements such as slavery and the different acts committed to catch slaves.  Do they agree with what happened? Were there positives and negatives of Slavery?


We will be using ‘The Hour of Code’. This is part of our computer science element of computing. We will be looking at how programs are written and following some simple codes. We will also be debugging to solve problems.


Our unit is Jesus ‘Forgiveness’. We will be exploring ways of how Jesus modelled forgiveness.


The children will be learning key vocabulary linked to the unit of ‘Actions’. They will be given opportunities to practise their skills orally and in written form. Year 6 will be using the software ‘Salut’ to introduce games and songs to enhance their learning.


PE is going to be taught by myself and Miss Darcy.  You are expected to have full PE kit on these days and failure to have the correct kit will mean you won’t take part in lessons.  Full kit includes: white t-shirt, black shorts/ leggings and pumps.  If the lesson is outside, the children can wear other sports clothes but you must still have the correct kit just in case.

Games – Invasion games based on football, hockey and netball.


We will be learning about personal growth. To consider what it is going to be like to be a grown up. We will consider four different areas: our level of independence, what we are looking forward to, what we are not looking forward to and the possible responsibilities we will have in the future.