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Spring Term 1

Spring Term 2 - Curriculum Overview



In Maths, we continue revising the basic skills throughout this half term during mathematics sessions. Applying these skills through problem solving activities will help us develop our understanding of basic principles of mathematics.

Some children will work at a greater depth in number and non-number skills. 


Ask the children the strategies they should use to help them with:

  • calculating with negative numbers
  • convert between standard units
  • Finding the area and perimeter


In English, we will be studying a novel ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross Mackenzie. In this unit, we be reading the novel and exploring the vocabulary in groups and will deepen comprehension skills through discussion. Children will explore the characters and settings throughout the unit. The children will be using their imagination whilst looking at characters’ flashbacks. They will get some great opportunities for creative writing whilst studying this magical novel.


Grammar: Warm ups throughout the unit – these will focus on basic punctuation, commas and apostrophes, brackets, dashes and hyphens and colons and semi colons.


Our science unit this half term will be Electricity. The children will investigate the brightness of bulbs and volume of buzzers, looking at how they can relate these to the number of cells.  They will use recognised symbols to represent circuits.

Creative Curriculum

This half term we will be looking at animation.  We will start the unit by exploring what animation is and how it is used and created. We will follow the timeline of significant events in animation history and look at how animation has developed over time. We will study the different types of animation and watch some action shots. Then characters will be created using a wide range of multimedia, finishing of the topic with the children creating their own short animated film.



We will be using ‘The Hour of Code’. This is part of our computer science element of computing. We will be looking at how programs are written and following some simple codes. We will also be debugging to solve problems.


Our unit is Hinduism. We will be looking at the journey Hindus take during their life. Focusing on reincarnation and the 4 ashramas.


The children will be learning key vocabulary linked to the unit of ‘Actions’. They will be given opportunities to practise their skills orally and in written form. Year 6 will be using the software ‘Salut’ to introduce games and songs to enhance their learning.


PE is going to be taught by myself and Miss Darcy. Our PE lessons are on Thursdays and Fridays.  You are expected to have full PE kit on these days and failure to have the correct kit will mean you won’t take part in lessons.  Full kit includes: white t-shirt, black shorts/ leggings and pumps.  If the lesson is outside, the children can wear other sports clothes but you must still have the correct kit just in case.

Games – Invasion games based on dodgeball

Gymnastics unit covering rolling, balancing, jumping and sequencing


We will be learning about keeping safe. We will consider four different areas: Decision making and making the right choices, rules and laws in place to keep us safe, personal dangers and how to seek help and considering the feelings of others.