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Spring 1 Talking Homework

Week 5 


We each thought of a challenge that we could complete at home.  We have to complete the challenge every day for a week, then return our challenge sheet to school.

We listened and watched an assembly about the Great British Bird Watch.  What birds will I see?

Week 4 

This week we have been learning about the Chinese New Year celebration.  We have looked at Chinese symbols, sang a new year song, danced a dragon dance, used chopsticks and lots more!

Talk with your child about their learning, you might want to try a dragon dance together or even have Chinese food for tea!  Write below what your child has said.  Have fun!


Week 3- This week we have been looking at a famous artist – Claude Monet and have been inspired to create a winter picture similar to his. We have been talking about what an artist is. To support your child, talk with them about artists and maybe show them artist’s work from books in the library or on the internet. Have a go together at creating a piece of art that is inspired from an artist they like. Use any type of media. Use a page in this book, take a photograph of the piece of art or bring it in. Have lots of fun being creative together.

Week 2 This week we have been talking about the polar lands of our world. We have been looking at what the environment is like at the North and South Pole and talking about the animals that live there. We have talked about the weather conditions and what you would need to wear and take with us if we went there. You can help your child by talking about the polar lands. Talk about the weather being quite cold here in Burnley but is nothing compared to temperatures at the poles. Maybe look at books from the library about polar lands and the animals that live there. Watch videos to see the environment or fly out there at the weekend!

We have been learning about the word 'special.' To put the word 'special' into context we would like the children to bring in one object that is special to them and talk about it. Before they bring it in, please talk to them about why their object is special. Write below what they say about the object so we can support them when they speak in class. Please bring the special object in on Friday 13th January. Thank you.