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Spring 1

This term we have been creating winter pictures inspired by 'Monet.'  We flew off to the polar lands to explore, made sugar cube igloos, spotted polar animals from our polar lands role play and painted amazing pictures. We have been dancing as polar bears and penguins. We have learnt about the Chinese New Year, eating noodles, having chinese tea, listening to the special story, creating a magical dragon dance and dressing up in chinese clothes.  In our Magical Maths we have been learning how to build, describe and name solid shapes and investigating weighing and capacity/volume.  Of course we have been so busy learning in the outside and inside classroom.  We have made so much progress since starting school in September.

We mixed the colours blue and white to create the sky.  We covered the whole paper as it we know that the sky is not just a line at the top!!

We ripped black paper to create the trunk of the tree and the branches.  No leaves as it is a winter picture and they are not evergreen!

We added white paint mixed with glue using a very thin paintbrush.  We talked about where the snow would fall on a tree - on top of the branch or the bottom.  We finally sprinkled on white sprinkles and our paintings were complete.

We wrote our names carefully in our passports and were ready to go off on an adventure to the Arctic.  We wrapped up warm and flew on an aeroplane.  In the Arctic we used binoculars and a compass to help us find the polar animals.  We recorded our findings and talked about what we saw.

Creating igloos.

We really enjoyed creating a dance from the story 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen.

We had so much fun learning about the Chinese New Year.  This year it was the year of the tiger.  Everyone enjoyed eating noodles.

Lots of exciting learning!