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Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

During the academic year 2021/2022, we at Barden Primary School:

  • bought into the Burnley Sports Partnership
  • Provided specialist coaches to aid and support teaching staff with the delivery of P.E. in school.
  • Released our P.E. coordinator to help with the development of the staff across a number of areas of the P.E. curriculum.
  • Provided CPD opportunities for staff to develop any weaknesses in the curriculum
  • Hired specialist sports coaches to deliver quality extra-curricular clubs.
  • Delivered Change for life sessions to a wider proportion of children.
  • Provided more opportunities for inactive children to participate in sport, through the use of a hired sport coach.
  • Provided opportunities for lower key stage two children to complete their level one in Bikeabilty.
  • Provided opportunities for upper key stage two children to complete their level two and three in Bikeabilty.
  • Gave the opportunity and encouraged the involvement of children as sports ambassadors, attending meetings with other schools in the cluster.
  • increased the amount of competitive sporting opportunities available to all children both in and out of school through intra and inter competitions
  • provide a wider range of extra-curricular sports clubs available to both key stage one and two during lunchtimes
  • bought into specialist coaches that delivered enrichment activities to a range of classes, providing a different sporting experience.
  • Enabled the use of a full time sports coach at Barden.  Support was provided in key areas, such as; P.E. lessons, CPD, intervention, competition involvement, raising the profile of sport within school and the community.
  • Achieved the Burnley community primary school of the year for our contributions to sport and physical activity.



During the academic year 2022-2023, we at Barden Primary School will aim to:

  • Buy into the Burnley School sports partnership
  • Release our PE subject lead in order to support teaching staff with the delivery of PE in school and future CPD opportunities.
  • To enable the sports specialist to support all staff across Early years, key stage 1 and key stage two to provide support in planning, teaching and assessment. 
  • To develop interventions to target children who need to develop certain areas of fundamental movement skills and to target levels of physical inactivity.
  • To instill an enrichment program providing disadvantaged children a chance to take part in physical sporting activities they wouldn’t necessarily have a chance to engage in.
  • To use specialist coaches to provide extra-curricular activities to children in KS2
  • Provide tots on tyres for children in EYFS.
  • Provide opportunities for LKS2 to take part in Bikeability level 1
  • Provide opportunities for UKS2 to take part in Bikeability level 2 and 3.
  • To enable SSCo to provide CPD for staff and to support in the monitoring of the sports premium.
  • To engage in cluster competitions within the community focussing on participation for all children in school and giving children opportunities to take part in competitive sport against children from other schools.
  • To hold inter and intra school competitions to promote higher levels of competitiveness within the school.
  • To promote sports and exercise in the school through sports related days and events
  • To invite external agencies and specialists to promote sport as a tool for physical activity and wellbeing
  •  To provide staff with opportunities to develop their own practice with targeted CPD.
  • To develop sustainable links with clubs in the community to promote pathways into sport and exercise for all children.
  • To provide inactive children with the opportunity to engage in extra-curricular clubs in school
  • Give the opportunity and encourage the involvement of children as sports ambassadors, attending meetings with other schools in the cluster.


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