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If you have a child in their first year of primary school, there is a good chance you will have come across the word Phonics. Phonics is a method of learning to read words that is taught from the start of reception. 

Visit the link below to find out how your child uses phonics at school, how to correctly say the 44 phonics sounds, and how you can help at home. 

There are also links to recommended websites to help your children with their Phonics knowledge

Phonics Sounds

Phonics Sounds 1
Phonics Sounds 2
Phonics Sounds 3
Phonics Sounds 4

Phonics Sound Families

Phonics Sound Families 1
Phonics Sound Families 2
Phonics Sound Families 3
Phonics Sound Families 4

Tricky words to learn

Tricky words to learn 1