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Smart School Council

What is our Smart School Council?


Our Smart School Council involves the whole school and is a fantastic way to give a voice to every single pupil. It has three core elements - a Communication Team, Class meetings, Action Teams.


Communication Team

Two children are chosen from each year group (1 per class) to help run our Smart School Council and get everyone involved. We meet every fortnight to set a question for our class meetings, discuss results of questions, and decide on some next steps to make the changes that we want to see. 


Class Meetings

Class meetings are short, pupil-led meetings held in every class from Y1-Y6. Members of the Communication Team lead the meetings for their class, and everyone gets chance to have a say. Each meeting is based around a single question that each class discusses in small groups and tries to agree on an answer. Each group then votes then votes using the Class Meeting Tool, ready for the Communication Team to check. 


Action Teams

These are small groups, clubs or teams who get together to share an interest, organise an event or try and improve something about the school.  Action Teams open up opportunities to any pupil that cares enough to put some effort in. They are a great way to get everybody involved and have some fun!





We are Barden Communication Team and we are here to listen to you and make our school the best place it can be. 






Who are we:

Year 1



Year 2



Year 3



Year 4



Year 5



Year 6

Rayhan          Amy

Ayyan            Umamah


What we have done so far this year:


01.12.20 - We had our first Communication Team meeting. It was a bit strange because we aren't allowed to meet because of covid. Mr Cooper gave us all an iPad in our classrooms so that we could join a Zoom Meeting. It was quite good actually and we were able to discuss our next projects but we can't wait until we can meet in person! 


20.11.20 - We had our non-uniform day for Children in Need. We raised £625.98. Well done Barden! 


16.11.20 - We held our very first class meeting. We had a whole school vote to decide how we would raise money for Children in Need next week. Having a non-uniform day was the winner!


06.11.20 - We had elections and each class voted for their Communication Team member. Well done to the children who put themselves forward and were elected! 


02.11.20 - We had a Whole School Assembly to launch the SMART School Council. We hope our new way of running the school council will involve the whole school and not just individual, chosen children.