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Pictures and Videos

Amazing Aliens!

Today, Mrs Hill became an alien. We had to use subordinating conjunctions to explain how to use

objects in our classroom. We learnt that it is important to  be specific and use the correct conjunction depending on when we want someone to do something. We then became aliens and told our partner how to use an object!

Seriously Static!


Today, we started our learning challenge 'A bit of sparkle.' We experimented with Static electricity and make a bag, can and water move without touching it. We had lots of fun!

Perfect Painting!

Check out our finished Shabti dolls, we have painted and added hieroglyphics. We really enjoyed adding details.

Tasty Teeth

Today, we carried out an experiment to determine why we had different teeth. We ate different foods and looked at what each tooth was used for!

Human number lines

Today, we looked at bridging numbers through ten. We became human number lines and jumped along

the line. We started jumping in 10s and then tried to use number facts to help us to move further along the number line.

Being dramatic!

Today, we used our ideas from our planning to improvise dialogue. We loved being in role as our

characters. We then wrote this dialogue up in our books using the rules of speech!

Crafty Clay!

Today, we used clay to create our Shabti doll. We used cross hatching to join the clay together and use our fingers and tools to add detail. We are looking forward to painting our dolls next week.

Disgusting Digestion!

Today, we acted as the digestive system and showed how our body would digest weetabix and a banana.

We were in a group and all had a role, including the mouth, stomach, small intestine and large intestine.

We talked about the functions of these body parts.