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Welcome toBarden Primary SchoolONLY MY BEST IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME

Pictures and Videos

Autumn 1 
We have had great fun in our first term at Barden Primary School.  We have dressed up as superheroes, been superheroes in the home corner in our superhero hide out. We have built tall towers, ordered superheroes in terms of size and made a superhero cape. We created our own Supertato and rescued the vegetables from the Evil Pea. We have even made some special superhero biscuits and used our powers to do some wonderful learning!

We have had a fantastic time going on adventures to the woodland area. We have explored the nature around us and collected sticks, leaves, conkers and stones to create repeating patterns. We have enjoyed climbing the trees, jumping in puddles and running through the leaves. We have explored the changes in the weather and why the leaves might have fallen.

We have had lots of fun exploring the activities in the classroom and out door area. We have danced, sang, read books and lots more. We have really enjoyed playing in the sand and water tray and role playing real life super heroes. We have been working on our Letters and Sounds and Magic Maths and are ready to learn even more in Autumn 2!

Autumn 2

It has been a fabulous magical term!  We started off with our classroom changing into the Ministry of Magic.  We had lots of fun, making magic wands, inventing potions and buying ingredients for magic spells in the magic shop!

Spring 1

This half term we have been learning all about polar regions. We have made our own passports and gone in the plane to the North Pole. We have made igloos using sugar cubes and explored lots of Arctic animals. We have also learnt about Chinese New Year and tried to use chop sticks. We also ate noodles and had Chinese tea. We have been working really hard and making progress in our Letters and Sounds and Magic Maths sessions and have had lots of fun!

Spring 2

We have had a wonderful half term learning all about animals. We have role played being on safari and we have even been to Blackpool zoo¡

We have also been learning about Christianity and have been on a visit to the local church. 

Summer 1

This half term we have been learning all about traditional tales. We have found items from the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk and we even found little red riding hood in the woodland¡

We have also been working really hard in phonics and maths.