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Autumn 1 

We have had great fun in our first term at Barden Primary School.  We have dressed up as superheroes, been superheroes in the home corner after saving people, made superhero masks, ordered superheroes in terms of size and  created spider web biscuits. We have also used our superhero senses at The Woodland, using our sense of touch, sight and hearing.

We have been on adventures to the woodland area, climbing trees,  dancing in the leaves, jumping in muddy puddles,  investigating nature and studying changes in the weather and season.   We collected sticks, stones and conkers and made repeating patterns and natural art inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

We have read books in  a range of exciting reading environments, counted and matched numbers in the Magic Maths area, played in the water and sand,  made models,  and  becomereal life superheroes - paramedics, doctors, nurses,  mechanics, police officers and firefighters and much, much more.  Eaglets have chosen their own learning and are having so much fun!

Watch this space for our Autumn 2 learning.















Autumn 2

Magical Mayhem!


Eaglets started their learning with an amazing discovery! Magic and Mayhem arrived at EYFS.  Our classroom turned into a magic workshop with spells and skeletons galore!!!  The children explored pumpkins with pins in funky fingers, made potions and spells with different colours and liquids. They even made their own glittery playdough, working out which ingredients to use to create the perfect playdough. The Role Play areas was set up as a wizards and witches toyshop.  We even had a cauldron to create spells after buying the ingredients.  Eaglets explored the Enchanted Woodland and found fairy dust! Can you see the tiny door in the tree?  Eaglets have been using their imagination. They chose their own stick in the woodland to take back to class to make a 'magic wand.'  This has encouraged them to speak and talk more and engage in their learning.  Then 'The Elf' arrived!  He has helped the children to work and has set a good example.  He did get up to some mischief but the children helped him out!!!  The Role Play magically changed into an Elf Workshop and the children have been busy wrapping parcels, writing christmas lists and making cups of tea in the Elf Cafe.  The term was finished off in a spectacular way with an amazing Christmas performance by EYFS.  The children had a christmas party and a special guest left the children some presents.  Time to enjoy the Christmas Holidays. Enjoy

Off on a Cold Adventure!


Eaglets set off on an adventure to the Polar Regions to explore.  They started their journey on an aeroplane.  They dressed for the cold climate and used their compass and binoculars to study the icebergs and animals.

How many animals did they spot? The role play area was set up so that they could explore and find out about The Arctic and Antarctica and which animals they would see there.  They learnt new vocabulary about the 'inuit' people travelling around, husky dogs, glaciers, icebergs and igloos.

Activities included investigating how to make an igloo with sugar cubes, sensory snow, facts about polar bears and penguins, building snow mobiles with construction kits and performing actions to music as a penguin and polar bears.

Tots on Tyres

Eaglets have had the opportunity to learn new skills on the balance bikes. They can steer, change direction, speed up, stop and start and most importantly, balance confidently  on their bike.  Every child deserved their certificate for fantastic listening skills.

Chinese New Year

Eaglets celebrated Chinese New Year with a range of exciting activities. They learned the dragon dance, investigated which zodiac sign they were born under - The Year of the Rooster or the Year of the Dog.  They practised writing chinese numbers and investigated what happens to noodles when they are heated.  They used their senses to explore the feel, taste and smell of the noodles and could explain why noodles change through heat. They enjoyed eating them with a chow mein sauce on them!  It was the Year of the Tiger and they wrote facts about Tigers and discussed what extinct and endangered means. In ICT Eaglets designed a Chinese fan.  Eaglets set up a mini role play and served tea and sushi to each other.  Lots of learning and fun was had by all.

Learning in Eaglets

Eaglets have been exploring 2d and 3d shapes.  They have built cuboids, cubes and pyramids with the construction.  They built The Great Wall of China using a pattern to make the wall secure.  

Talking of patterns, Eaglets designed repeating pattern fruit kebabs. Yum!

They also In Magic Maths Eaglets have been learning one more and one less, adding two amounts together and subtracting an amount from a group.  They are learning the order of the days of the week.  

In English Eaglets have designed a poster on 'Save the Tiger' and written facts about Panda Bears.

Eaglets are budding artists, painting pictures of tigers and Panda Bears.

In PE Eaglets are perfecting their jumping and hopping skills.  The daily mile run is also helping Eaglets to run, build up their stamina and learn about the effects of exercise on their bodies.  They can even check their pulse rate!

Spring 2

Amazing Animals

Eaglets are going to be finding out about wild animals in the Jungle and Rainforest and become explorers.  They will be going on a jungle safari. Watch out for the lions Eaglets! Join in with your child on their exciting adventures and learning.  Talk to your child about what animals they will see when they go on their zoo trip to Blackpool Zoo this term and don't forget to complete the homework with your child.

Mothers Day tea party in Reception

Eaglets are busy baking cupcakes for their mums. Mums are invited to a special tea party outside, where there will be music, cakes and all the children will be giving mums a special card they have made.

Easter Parade

The Easter Bunny came to Barden Primary school. Eaglets entered a competition and decorated an egg. 

Summer 1- Traditional Tales

This term Eaglets will be learning traditional stories - Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They will be growing beans, measuring plants, sequencing stories and acting out the stories with actions and words. Eaglets are visiting the Woodland to explore changes in the environment, study plant growth and hunt for minibeasts. Eaglets will be developing their questioning skills through scientific enquiry based on the science topic minibeasts and talking about their knowledge in an assembly.
The Role Play area is being transformed into a vets so that Eaglets can find out how to look after pets, pretend to be vets and make the animals better. Through this role play Eaglets will begin to understand how to look after a pet and what their needs are.  In maths Eaglets are learning about symmetry through minibeasts, measuring plants, recognising and counting to 20 and representing ‘teen’ numbers in different ways.  Eaglets are visiting the local church to see Fr. Aidan Edwards, who will be talking about the church. It is important that children can compare similarities and differences about the church and mosque. Back in school we will be discussing what we have seen. 
Eaglets are looking forward to celebrating Eid. A special Eid celebration day has been planned with exciting activities that all children will be taking part in.

Belinda the Snail

We will be having a visit from a Giant African Land Snail called ‘Belinda’ Eaglets will be learning so much from studying 

the snail, observing it’s movements, listening to facts about snails and finding out what they eat.

Traditional Tales - Little Red Riding Hood