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Physical activity

Thursday 1st October - 


Have a go at these brilliant activites.  They will keep you fit and active! 


Joe wicks active 8


GO Noodle - Total Motion


Monday 28th September -

We are going to start the week with P.E.  It is really important to stay active, even when we are at home.  For this reason, I have give you a range of different videos you can try below.  there are fitnessed based ones, yoga based ones and dance related one.  Give them a go - even if it is one you haven't tried before! Let me know how you get on. 


GoNoodle - Geocentric


Ghostbusters - Just Dance


Yoga - Tune in to your world


Banana, banana, meatball! - GoNoodle

Thursday 24th September - 


Today for P.E. we have got a couple of really good work out videos brought to us by Joe Wicks.  the 20 minute workout was the first one he did when schools first went into lockdown!  Give them a great go and enjoy them! 


Joe Wicks active 8


Joe Wicks 20 minute HIIT

Monday 21st September -


For P.E. we have a range of different activities to try.  Go on GoNoodle at have a go at Total Motion, it is a challenging one so have a glass of water ready!

If you want to try something a bit differet, have a go at the yoga video below.  It focusses on stretching and breathing and it's something both adults and children can do!

Why not have a go at the challenge sheet where you have to do an exerecise that goes with the letters in your name? Give these a go, you will feel energised after them! 

For every letter of your names, do the exercises it tells you ( If you can't do one of the exercises because of space, do a different one!)

Friday 18th September - 


Have a go at these two brilliant Joe Wicks workouts below.  Why not try one this morning and then one this afternoon to give yourself a bit more energy!

Joe Wicks Active 8 workout 1


Joe Wicks Active Workout 2