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Our COVID Response

Our Covid Catch Up Plan...

Following the lockdown on March 20th due to COVID 19 the children of Barden had to adapt as learners and rely on home schooling, remote teacher support and a significant reduction in face to face teaching from their class teacher. The impact of this was inevitable - many pupils in our school have gaps in their knowledge, skills and understanding from the previous year group when they returned in September. 


At Barden, we have constructed a clear plan to ensure that our pupils are able to catch up on any lost learning time and potential gaps in knowledge. This plan will focus on quality first teaching (including planning), classroom intervention and small group targeted support. 


Quality First Teaching

At Barden our core aim remains the same - to provide a broad, balanced and rich curriculum. As a result of this, our core subjects have been planned to consider any gaps in learning pupils may have as a result of the school closure. All teachers have already completed a series of baseline assessments with our pupils and these results have been used to inform future planning for the Autumn term and beyond. It is important to understand that the focus on a 'catch-up' curriculum WILL NOT affect the time allocted to the teaching of non-core subjects in our school. This is something we strongly believe in! 


Classroom Intervention

Our whole school provision of support has been planned so that there will be at least one full-time Teaching Assistant in every class bubble to support the children at most risk of falling behind or further behind. These children will be planned for by the teacher and then work with additional support within the classroom through targeted intervention and group work. These interventions will be monitored half termly by the school's SLT. 


Targeted Group Support

This is an area where we are investing a large proportion of the school's catch up premium as we strongly believe it will have the most impact. We will select children at most risk of falling behind to partake in small group targeted interventions.




In Maths this year it was essential that our teachers were able to identify areas from the national curriculum for mathematics that the children have missed due to the COVID 19 closure in March. We appreciate that some children have completed a lot of home learning over the period of closure and we are really proud of our children at Barden Primary School for this.

It is really important that the children don’t completely miss this teaching and have the opportunity to revisit these areas. At Barden Primary School we follow the White Rose Curriculum for Maths, in each unit we have identified which objectives will have been missed from the summer term of the previous year and these have been added as recap objectives to this academic year's units. These are what we refer to as our 'Bridging Units'.


Have a look at this document below to see how our maths curriculum has been organised for the Autumn Term...



In English we are using bridging units, created by the Lancashire English team, for each year group. We have looked at lost learning and are adapting these units to meet the needs of our pupils.

The units are based around quality texts, rich in quality vocabulary, and have been written to take account of any objectives which have not been taught during spring and summer terms. Each unit incorporates key learning and skills from both the previous and current year groups, based upon Lancashire’s Key Learning in Reading and Writing. 


Click the document below to see a sample of our new bridging units for Autumn Term...



For Science we've had to work hard to identify areas of the National Curriculum Programme of Study which will not have been covered last year, as a result of the COVID-19 school closure in March. 

We believe it is essential that this learning is not lost! As a result, our Science subject leaders have completed a clear "gap analysis" which has identified what has and has not been taught. Opportunities for these areas to be revisited have also been identified and advised. It has been agreed that these gaps in learning will be covered through a mixture of stand alone units and extensions to current topics this year (2020-21). 


We aim for all pupils to leave Barden Primary School fully equiped with the key skills, knowledge and understanding they will need for their transtion to high school and beyond. 


Please look at this document below to see how our Science Curriculum has been adapted in response to COVID-19...