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Burnley Holocaust Memorial Service

Burnley Holocaust Memorial Service


The Holocaust happened during World War II when Jewish people were sent to concentration camps by the Germans.


On Sunday 26th January, we were invited to join our Chair of Governors, Councillor Anwar, to represent Barden Primary School at Burnley's Holocaust Memorial Service.


We arrived at Burnley Peace Gardens and listened to lots of people give speeches. Some of the people were Mr Anwar and the Mayor and her consort. After the speeches, we went to Burnley Mechanics where our teacher, Mrs Arshad, introduced us to everyone. We stood at the front of the room and read a story about a Muslim family who saved two Jewish families during World War II. Immediately after the round of applause, people in smart uniforms came out to serve us a meal of chicken, vegetables and gravy. 


We enjoyed representing our school and we are both grateful and would like to thank Mrs Arshad and Mr Anwar for inviting us to this event.


Mrs Holgate was very proud of us when she heard that we had been brave enough to stand up and speak to a room full of important strangers at such a special event. We both received a Gold Award and a Head Teacher's Award.


Shehreen and Farhan (Year 6)