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Mrs Kauser

Hello boys and girls.  Today we are exploring numbers to 5 and how the number changes when we add 1 more, or take away 1.  Can you find 5 objects and put them in a row in front of you.  Now start by counting them to make sure you have 5. Count slowly and put your finger on each one when you say a number.  Go on.... 1......2.......3.....4......5.. Well done.

Now take 1 away. How many do you have left? That's right, 4.

How take another 1 away.  3. Well done.  Can you work out the answers to these questions.

2 add 1 more = 

4 add 1 more =

1 take away 1 =

5 take away 1 =               Well done! Make up some number sentences of your own now. 

We are now going to watch lesson 3 of 5 Alive. Watch the video and then do the activity.  Remember, you only need to do lesson 3. If you have only just started 5 Alive maybe you could watch lesson 1 and 2 first.  Don't forget to send in pictures of your work. I can't wait to see it.

To make number sentences with up to 5 objects and add and take away 1.