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Let's get creative

Week beginning 29th June

Week beginning 22nd June

Week beginning 15th June

Week beginning 8th June 

Looking inside the fruit

Cut an apple in half – have a good look at it and talk about what you can see.  If you don’t have an apple any fruit will do.

Carefully draw a picture of the inside of an apple looking carefully at the shapes. 

Week beginning 1st June 

It's all about the fruit and vegetables!


Be an artist – look at the internet and search for ‘Bowl of fruit paintings’ or ‘Bowl of vegetables paintings’ look at the different ways that artists have painted the fruit.  Have a look in your house at what you could use to make a fruit or vegetable picture.  You could use chalk, crayons, paint, charcoal, felt tips, collage materials, or you could arrange the fruit and vegetables in a special way to create a photographic image.