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Home Learning

Hello Doves

We will provide ideas for your Home Learning for this week. 

Try each day to do a range of learning, physical activity and regular brain breaks.

Contact us on the email if you are having any problems and to show us what you have been doing at home.

We will phone and email you to keep in touch.laugh

Miss Miller, Mrs Greenwood and Mrs Akhtar.

Friday 23rd October


Today we would like you to finish your pop up London sheets. Watch the previous days videos or email us for any help.

Friday 23rd October

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French Lesson- My Family

French Activity Sheet

Friday's maths video

Spellings for this week

                          Happy Half term!!!

Thursday 22nd October

English Thursday 22nd October

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PE Thursday 22nd October

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Lottie is learning at home and has created a PE warm up. We had to cut it short to put it on the webpage. Can you create a warm up and send it to us?

Video for Thursday - Estimating

Learning Challenge 22nd October

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Wednesday 21st October 2020

Year 3 RE - 21.10.20

English Wednesday 21st October

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This English is to last today and tomorrow. We cant wait to see your finished work!

Purple, Green and Yellow Groups

Red Group Video

Blue Group - Maths Video

PSHE Wednesday 21st October

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                         Tuesday 20th October

English Tuesday 20th October

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London Fact Sheets

Tuesday's Maths Video for Purple, Green and Yellow.

Today we will be subtracting a 3 digit number from a 3 digit number - No exchange

Tuesday's video for Red Group - Crossing 10

                                                                Computing Lesson

This half term we have been learning how to communicate using email. Logon to Purple Mash email and look in your Purple Alarm for your To Do - Aunt Lucy has replied to our email. Read her new email and compose a reply. Try to add an attachment using Paint.

If you have time left you can email other friends in Doves.



Our final lesson is Learning Challenge - Art

We have been learning all about colour mixing and how to make secondary colours using the three primary colours. Can you remember the three primary colours? Can you remember what colours we made by mixing 2 primary colours together? If you have some paints you could use them now, if you don't have any paints you can keep practising your sketching to make the fruit look 3-D.

                         Monday 19th October

Monday's Maths - Add two 3-digit numbers - crossing 10 or 100

This is for Purple, Green and Yellow Group for Monday 19th October 2020. Watch the video and then complete the worksheet.

Monday's Maths for Red Group - Subtract a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number - not crossing 10

This is for children in Red Group to watch before completing their worksheet.

Monday Math's Blue Group

Watch the video and try the worksheets.