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Funky Fingers

Funky Fingers is when we get our bodies ready to write, we warm up the muscles in our hands and try to make the muscles stronger.  There are lots of activities that you can do at home to help your child, like rolling dough together, threading pasta shapes, playing finger games, sewing, and playing with Lego.  you could search on the internet for 'Fine Motor Skills' and it will give you lots of ideas. 


Funky Fingers Time  

First let’s warm our fingers up –

Wiggle your fingers high in the air.

Wiggle them infront of you

Behind you

Down to the ground.

Above your head.

Now we are ready to look at the letters


When we teach the letter shapes in class we say a little saying to help the children remember which way the pencil should go.  Try and practise 3 different letter shapes a day.  If your child is beginning to write letters then begin big, write in the air, write with your fingers, eventually writing on paper using the large shape and decreasing the size as they improve.  Praise all efforts as it is a tricky skill to learn.  If you child is more advanced then encourage them to write on the lines, encourage them to look for the ascenders (like t, l , h, b) and the decenders that go below the line (like y, g, p.)



  Take off, reverse around the curly caterpillar


  Take off, reverse around the orange and flick at the top


 Take off, reverse around the apple, up down flick.


 Take off, reverse around the dinosaur, up to the sky, down, flick


 Take off, reverse around the green grapes, up, down, loop around the purple grapes

 Take off, reverse around the queen's necklace, up, down, flick


 Take off, loop around the egg, come in to land and stop


 Take off and swish through the sky


 Take off, loop around the foggy sky, down, loop around and land


  Take off, up, down the red rose, over the red rose


 Take off, down and over the North Pole, flick


 Take off, down and zoom over the moon and mars, flick


 Take off, up, down over the hill, flick


 Take off, up, down the bat and around the ball


 Take off, hiiya up, down, karate kick around and flick


 Take off, down Pretty Polly, up around Pretty Polly


Take off, up, down the lemon lolly pop, flick



 Take off, up, and i i into the net


 Take off, up to the jelly fish, down, loop around and dot for the eye


 Take off, up, down the tree trunk, flick and across the branches


 Take off, up, into the umbrella, up, down and flick


 Take off, up, down like a yoyo, up like a yoyo, swing like a yoyo


Take off, down the vase, up the vase, flick


 Take off, wow, waves, wow, waves, flick


 Take off, x marks the spot


 Take off, zoom, zap, zoom