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Friday 2nd October - Afternoon


It is time for Magic Maths. Remember to click on the correct group.

magic maths intro friday.wav

We are going to carry on our Maths this afternoon and look at objects that are the same and different.  Practise saying the words 'same' 'different.'  Click on the link below - there are 5 different sessions with a different teacher called Miss Cooper.  Have a go at sorting socks at home - it is a big job in my house as I have 4 boys with lots of different socks!  

Same and different.wav


It is time to share a story with your adult now.  Go and find your favourite story book and tell the story together.  I bet if it is one of your favourite books then you will know lots of the words.  Try using different voices for the characters in the book.

story time friday.wav

Well done everyone, you have completed your school learning for the week.  Don't forget to read at home using Bug Club - this evening, on Saturday and Sunday.  Everyday is a reading day.  Have a great weekend!

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