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Fiction Book Scavenger Hunt

Fiction Book Scavenger Hunt

Can you complete this Scavenger hunt?

Grab a fiction book and get ready to go...

(The answers in red will belong to myself and Layla as we read through the ebook Van Dijk by Matt and Tom Oldfield, which we have on loan via the Borrowbox FREE library app).

Can you find:

  • The longest word on the first page


  • One person you know who would love this book

Dad (and Mr Holland)

  • A one word exclamation


  • A sentence you love

"Are you ready, big man?"

  • Two words on the same page that rhyme

Ukraine and Spain

  • A time word when a character is kind
  • A question asked by a character

"What position do you like to play?" asked Virgil

  • All five vowels in the same paragraph 

"Are you ready, big man?" the manager Jurgen Klopp asked his star centre-back as the players left the dressing room before kick-off.

  • A sentence with a three syllable word

ex-ci-ting, liv-er-pool, champ-i-ons, Rob-ert-son, Al-i-sson, 

  • A name on an odd numbered page

Edgar David

  • A sentence with exactly five words
  • A word with exactly seven letters


  • A sentence with alliteration

After the "Miracle of Anfield", the Liverpool players felt like they could achieve absolutely anything.


We hope to complete this Scavenger hunt shortly...