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Feel Good Friday

IMPORTANT : Please read this letter

Welcome to 'Feel Good Friday'!

Remember, our Friday afternoons are all about getting away from our computer screens and having FUN!


Have a look at our activity grid below...

What will you choose to do today? 

What would be nice for your family to do together? 


Please send us a picture of what you decide to do. We can't wait to see!!

Make a musical Instrument

 Can you play it? 

Turn an old shoe box into a theatre

Make some little puppets and put on a show for your family. 



Be a chef for the afternoon 

 Bake something with your family. You may want to make pitta breads/wraps/pizza/cakes - yummy... 😊  

Junk Modelling

Use the recycling materials and other items in your house to create a model. 

Set up an obstacle course 

Use things you have in your house or garden. How long does it take you to complete it? 



Den Building

Look for materials in your house and/or garden to build a secret den. 

Nature walk

collect some  beautiful natural materials (leaves, sticks, stones...) Make a collage with what you have found. It can be stuck onto paper OR arranged outside or inside on the floor 

Junk Modelling

Make something linked to the topic you are studying in your class. If you have brothers and sisters – you may want to work together and focus on one topic. 

Play a board game

Play with your family or invent a brand new board game yourself – challenge your family! 



Get creative with lego or building blocks. What can you make? 

Build a tin foil boat

How many objects can you put in it before it sinks? 


Dance Time

Play your favourite songs and have a disco and a dance

Can you make a routine?   





Tree Hunt

How well do you know the trees in your local area? Your family can become expert tree trackers with the free Tree ID app. It features over 70 British trees and helps you learn how to identify them by their twigs, bark, leaves and fruits. See which trees are living near you. 

Make a bird feeder 

Watch the types of bird you attract around your home.

Quiz day!  Make your own family quiz to test each other. 


Draw a fantastic picture and make it into a jigsaw. Challenge your family to see if they can complete it. 

Learn to ride a bike

If you can already ride a bike – time yourself to cycle a set distance? 



Paint/decorate a stone

go on a walk and hide it for someone else to find.  

Story Time

Share and read your favourite stories or books as a family.  

Fitness Routine

Can you make your own routine Joe Wicks style. Test it on your family.