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Letters and Sounds

Mrs Worthy has made some videos with her son Lenny to show you some 5 minute activities you should do every day.  We will be creating more videos when we have time so keep checking to see if there are new ones.

Have fun. 

Practise either the phase 2 or phase 3 phonemes everyday, depending on your child's ability. If your child doesn't easily recognise a particular sound, please help them to learn it until they become familiar. Daily practise will help with this! Children have also learnt actions to go with these  sounds so please encourage your child to use them and to teach you too! You can play phonics games online at    Username march20   password home

Also at


A good site to see some daily lessons where your child can watch and join in is -

Letters and Sounds’

Why do we need to learn ‘Letters and Sounds’?



First let’s go over the letters that we have learnt so far in your little blue book.

Remember to say the sound correctly.  If you can’t remember the sound and action have a quick look in your little blue book. 

Remember two letters that make one sound is called a ‘Diagraph’ and three letters that make one sound is called a ‘trigraph.’

Here is a little video if you are not sure how to say the sounds –

Now it is time to go over the tricky words – words that you have to remember and can’t really sound out. 

Set 1 Tricky Words

Set 2 Tricky Words

Now here is the new sound -

Say it to the ceiling, say it to the floor


Now be a robot and chop up the sounds in each word.

Chop up …..  

er words.wav

Well done now can you listen to the sentence and write the sentence. 



er sentence.wav

Well done you have completed the letters and sounds session.  Don't forget to practise every day.