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We looked at the artist Claude Money and his winter tree paintings.  Remember an artist is a person that paints or draws.  He was an artist who lived a very long time ago in France.  He liked to paint pictures of natural things and light. 

Look at the picture of one of his paintings below – what can you see, what colours can you see? 


Last week we created a light blue background for our picture and we talked about light pale colours.  We mixed blue and white paint to make lighter blue shades.  Or you might have used different shades of blue to create a sky background.  This week we are adding to our picture.  We are going to create a tree. 

As our tree is going to be in a winter picture it will not have leaves as they have fallen.  We are going to create the trunk and the branches.  We are going to use dark paper and rip the paper to create a ruggid bark look.  Bark is the wood on the outside of a tree.  If you can go outside and look at a tree before you begin your creative work that would be great.

You will need your background, dark paper and glue.

Creative winter picture tree intro.wav