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Autumn Term 2 Curriculum Overview



In Maths, we will be working extremely hard to secure our knowledge and understanding of fractions and percentages. There will be a lot of work on geometry and how to measure angles. Additionally, will be focusing on our arithmetic skills on a weekly basis and applying these skills to a variety of contexts within the maths lesson.


In English, This half term, we will be covering classic fiction with a focus on ‘The Wizard of Oz’. We will do lots of talking around the book and imagine what it would be like to be the characters, by doing lots of role play activities and writing in character.



Living things and their habitats

This half term we will be building on our learning about grouping living things by looking at the classification system in more detail. We will look at the idea that broad groupings, such as micro-organisms, plants and animals can be subdivided. Through direct observations, we will be classifying animals into commonly found invertebrates (e.g. insects, spiders, snails, worms) and vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals). We will explore reasons why living things are placed in one group and not another.

We will also look at the significance of the work of scientists such as Carl Linnaeus, a pioneer of classification.

Creative Curriculum

This half term we will be looking at France. To create sketch maps using symbols and a key. We will be locating the major mountain ranges and mountains.

The children will discuss the different regions and discuss why you’d want to visit here.  They will be creating a tourist information leaflet for their chosen region.


We will be focusing on ‘pointillist art.’ How has the artist created their artwork? Over the years, artists have found different ways of painting. During the 19th century, artists such as Georges Seurat used a technique called pointillism. The colour on each painting is made up from a series of ‘dots’ of colour. Children will create their own artwork in ‘pointillism’.


As part of DT the children will be designing and making their own crepes.



As part of our Creative Curriculum topic ‘France’ we will be creating a multimedia presentation on the different regions.

Children will be taught how to identify the risks of online content.


Our unit is all about ‘God’. Children will learn that advent is a period for Christians to prepare for the arrival of Jesus. They will also be visiting St. Andrew’s church.


The children will be learning key vocabulary linked to the unit of ‘Actions’. They will be given opportunities to practise their skills orally and in written form. Year 6 will be using the software ‘Salut’ to introduce games and songs to enhance their learning.


PE iwill be taught by myself and Miss Darcy. Our PE lessons are on Tuesday and Thursday.  You are expected to have full PE kit on these days and failure to have the correct kit will mean you won’t take part in lessons.  Full kit includes: white t-shirt, black shorts/ leggings and pumps.  If the lesson is outside, the children can wear other sports clothes but you must still have the correct kit just in case.

Games – Invasion games based on football, hockey and netball and dance.


We will be learning how to keep ourselves safe and to recognise risks and hazards.