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Activities to do in the holidays

1.  Paint my families' portrait

2. Write and make a book

3. Draw some flowers or the fruit bowl

4. Do some yoga

5. Finger paint 

6. Make a band form kitchen pots and pans

7. Footprint paint

8. Have a dance alarm every 30 minutes/ hour

9. Have a birthday party for a pet or cuddly toy

10. Have an indoor picnic

11.  Have an indoor treasure hunt

12 Do the 'Hokey Cokey'

13 Take a selfie through a toilet roll tube and pretend you are on the moon

14 Jump around like a bunny rabbit

15 Make cards for everyone in your home

16 Make cakes

17 Get all the chairs together and make a bus, play conductors and drivers

18 Make a camp in your bed

19 Make a dark den

20 Write a letter to a friend

21 colour in a colouring book or draw a picture

22 Make ice lollies with cordial and water

23 Make sandwiches in strange shapes

24 Learn a rhyme or poem

25 Make a number frieze for the wall and decorate it

26 Play a board game

27 Play hide and seek

28 perform a puppet show

29 Make shadow puppets

30 Make up or learn a dance routine

31 leave happy notes around the house

32 make a fitness routine and put your family through their paces

33 Play I spy

34 Open your window and sing out a song

35 Play musical statues

36 Vacuum a room

37 make yoghurt pot telephones

38 make binoculars with toilet rolls and look out the window at the birds

39 Pretend to conduct an orchestra to music

40 Roll around a large space in your home

41 Do coin rubbing with paper and crayons

42 Make a sock puppet

43 Make and decorate a paper aeroplane

44 Draw around your hand and turn it into a character

45 Create an obstacle course

46 Make an owlet from a toilet roll tube

47 Draw your family tree

48 create a race track

49 Play a memory game like ‘I went to the shops and ..

50 Play shops

51 Write a wish list

52 Find out 10 peoples favourite fruit from strawberry, apple and banana and make a graph (you might need to telephone someone to help do this one)

53 Hike up the stairs like you are climbing a mountain

54 Make a picture using household objects

55 Make an imaginary map

56 Make a jigsaw or complete a jigsaw

57 Pretend to be a weather person on TV

58 Play apple bobbing

59 Make origami

60 Play Simon says

61 Have a paper fish race

62 Build a house with a pack of cards

63 Make a paper hat

64 Watch the clouds and cloud spot the shapes

65 Play a clapping game

66 Make a secret code and send a message

67 Have a staring contest

68 Play a throwing game – newspaper balls into a bowl

69 Make a mask

70 Eat cereal with a gigantic spoon

71 Do 20 star jumps

72 Run in slow motion

73 Learn a number rhyme

74 Look at the world upside down

75 Make a label for your bedroom door

76 Wear a piece of clothing back to front for the day

77 Learn a joke

78 Play Jack in a Box behind the sofa

79 Stay up late and look at the stars

80 Have a bedtime story using a torch to read it

81 Walk backwards

82 Play catch and throw with a ball (or similar object) 20 times

83 Make as many different faces as you can

84 Pretend you are a superhero for an hour

85 Play guess the animal with your family

86 Take your pen for a walk on a piece of paper and colour the loops in different colours

87 Make a picture using only numbers

88 Make a scavenger hunt for your family

89 Pat your head and rub your tummy

90 Say a tongue twister

91 Walk like a penguin

92 Whisper for an hour

93 Make a list of your top ten favourite foods

94 Listen to the radio for half an hour and dance to every tune

95 Spin round and round, stop and feel the earth moving

96 Smile every time you see someone

97 Speak like a robot for an hour

98 Create a monster out of a toilet tube

99 Draw a shape picture

100 Play pass the picture