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5- Jays

Welcome to Year 5. Take a look at our page to find out more information about our class and what your child is going to be learning about throughout the school year.

Important Information


Our class will do P.E on a Tuesday and a Friday. Children need to ensure that their P.E kits are in school for these lessons. Their P.E should consist of shorts or tight fitting leggings, a white t-shirt and black P.E pumps. Children may also bring in an outdoor P.E kit for outdoor sessions. In Year 5, children are also encouraged to bring in a roll-on deodorant to put on before and after P.E to encourage their personal hygiene. 


Homework will be sent out on a Friday and is due back in school on a Tuesday. Homework will alternate between creative learning log homework and English and maths work.

Reading at Home


It is really important that children read at home both independently and out loud to an adult. We encouraging reading at home this year through out StarBooks book corner. For every 5 times a child reads at home, they will receive a stamp on their loyalty card. At the end of the term, if they have 6 stamps, they will receive a fun, StarBooks themed treat in the book corner. Our children are excited to get on board with this already. 


Here are some photos of our children who achieved their 6 stamps enjoying their starbucks treat. 


Photos coming soon

Our Class Timetable



Curriculum Overview



This term we are looking at place value and the value of numbers, ordering, comparing and rounding whole and decimal numbers. We will be later recapping adding and subtracting written methods using wole and decimal numbers. before moving on to geometry where we will be looking at angles of shapes and learning to find the perimeter of rectangles and compound shapes. 


This term we will be studying classic narrative poetry and focusing on 'The Highway Man' by Alfred Noyes. We will be exploring the story it tells and focusing on the characters and their motives. Children will have the opportunity to write their own version and as well as retell the story as a narrative. 


Later this term, we will be studying the historical classic, 'Oliver Twist' (which fits nicely with our creative curriculum topic on the Victorians). We will be exploring how and when the story is set and how the author presents a hisotrical background. Children will write their own version of the historical text.

Creative Curriculum

Discovering the Victorians 

We will be learning about the Victorians. We will look closely and Queen Victoria and how she ruled. We will also explore life in Victorian Britain. Children will focus on the skills of enquiry as well as comparing different aspects of Victorain life and the modern day.   


This term we will be looking at digital maps and how to use them to find places. We will also be comparing locations and calculating distances from landmarks. As well as this, we are going to be using computers to create weather graphs comparing average temperature and climate in the different countries of the UK.


For our unit for this term, we will be studying Judaism. We will be looking and exploring the Torah and the messages that it contains and how Jewish people live their lives through the messages of the Torah. 


This term we will be exploring the style of music - 'Jazz'.


We are going to be looking at the question ‘Where are you going on holiday?’ The children will be able to pose questions about holidays to their partners and answer. 


This term, we are working on our footall skills. Children will focus on passing, dribbling, shooting and defending, eventually leading up to playing short 5-a-side football games.


In PSHE we are looking at health and well being. The children will be learning about how to stay safe, how to manage risks, hygeine and first aid.  

Creative Curriculum


This term we will be studying the Victorians. We kicked off our unit with a fantastic and authentic Victorian school day. Children really enjoyed dressing up and taking part in Victorian lessons including the three R's (reading, writing and arithmetic), drill, woodwork and needle work. Even the teachers dressed up!

(Thank you to all the parents for their hard work finding or making Victorian school clothes. Each and every child looked fantastic in their outfit)


Here are photos of our day: