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3- Skylarks






A big welcome to year 3 and the Skylarks.  Please read the information below to become more familiar with what your children will be studying this year.  We will give information on upcoming trips and activities that involve the Skylarks.



In year 3 we will be promoting reading throughout the year to ensure the children are able to gain the best experience in their time with us.  Through guided reading, the children will be reading on a daily basis, using the experience to further their learning.  The children are expected to have a new book every week and will be able to change them during school time.  We ash that parents please read with their children at home.  We will be monitoring reading in class and the children will have chances to win prizes for the amount of reading the complete.  Furthermore, the children are encouraged to use our ‘Skylarks Surf Shack’ reading corner when they are reading as it should be a positive experience.



P.E. is on Mondays and Thursdays. Can we please have the correct kit in school to enable your child to participate confidently.  Children should have a white P.E. top, black shorts and P.E. pumps.   



We will be sending homework out every Friday afternoon to be returned by the following Wednesday.  The homework will either be a project, where the task is open and the children can complete their own research in an area. Or, the homework will be a task related to their learning in the week.  It would be great for parents to help their children with their homework.  If there are any problems or the children are struggling with their task, then they are more than welcome to ask for help from the staff in school.




In Maths, we will be learning all about place value. We will recognise the value of digits in three and four digit numbers and learn how to move the digits when multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100. We will be adding and subtracting numbers using the written method and develop efficient mental strategies. We will be looking to apply these skills to reasoning style questions involving practical elements, such as money.


In English, we will be focussing on three areas this half term, biographies, folk tales and poetry.  Currently, our class novel is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which goes with our topic of chocolate.  We will also be having daily guided reading sessions, allowing children to explore different elements of fiction and non-fiction.  Finally, there will be three handwriting lessons during the week, focussing on the new letter joins.


Our science ties nicely into our topic of chocolate, looking at teeth and the digestive system.  We will be exploring how our bodies digest food and why our teeth are so important.

Creative Curriculum

As I have already mentioned, our topic this term is chocolate, delicious! The children will be learning all about the origins of chocolate, tracking the journey from the cocoa bean to a chocolate bar.  There are fantastic opportunities to learn about both history and geography within the topic, as we will study the Aztecs and the influence they had on the development of chocolate. 


We Will be learning about the basic components of computing, such as inputs and out puts and how a wireless system works.  As well as this, we will weave computing into other areas of the curriculum, developing research skills and using different programmes to analyse data and graphs.


For the first term, will be learning about Sikhism, looking at the origin and the different celebrations they have.


We will be learning about different genres of music, finding the similarities and differences.  The children will have the opportunity to learn a song and perform it in front of others.


We will listen to and learn a French song, pose questions to our partner and follow a set of simple instructions.


For the first unit of P.E. we will be focussing on invasion games.  We will be exploring different ways to pass a ball and developing tactical awareness in game situations.


We will be learning how to keep ourselves safe and to recognise risks and hazards.

Skylarks Autumn timetable
Picture 1

We loved making our chocolate

Our 'Smart' way of doing statistics

We have been looking at 2D and 3D shapes

We got to meet Lightning, the reindeer

Then, we met the big man himself, Santa!