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Hello Parents and children,

It would have been the spring break holiday from school these next two weeks. 

I hope that you are all well and are enjoying the home learning activities that I have uploaded on the class web page.  


I have added some holiday activities onto the class page for you to complete over the spring break.  Please feel free to message me on the class blog if you have any questions or ideas that you would like to share.



Why don't you have a look at our class blog.  

On the blog, you can ask me any questions or upload pictures of your fantastic activities and tasks if you want to and Miss Hayhurst or myself will reply as soon as we can.


Click on 'SCHOOL BLOG' then find the WRENS page.


Home Learning for Today

Your child has received a home learning pack today from school.  In the event of school closures, I will upload a daily task for the children to complete at home and the children will be asked to complete the task in their purple book.    I will attach online links to support your child when possible.


If you would like to support your child's learning at home, I have composed a list of websites that may be of interest.


BBC bitesize website is a rich resource with videos and activities that will support your child in a number of topics.

Education city 

Reading eggs phonics and reading games - a free trial is available for 1 month.

Topmarks Maths page - games and activities to support learning in Maths.





Bring yer wellies Year 1 trip.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about place value.

This week in Maths, we have been learning about place value. 1
Our class time table.

Wrens 1 Class Page

Miss Jones and Miss Hayhurst welcome you to the class page for Wrens 1. Here you will find the key information for Year 1 and we will also post photos of some of the things we learn about each week.


In Year 1, we like to promote a love of reading and your child will bring home a new reading book and school library book every Tuesday. Every day your child will take part in a guided reading session where we will be encouraging your child to read with independence. To help build your child’s skill and confidence in reading, we ask if you could listen to your child read every day, as it really does help them to progress.  Children can also borrow books from our classroom reading area if they want to!



Please note that P.E. is on Monday and Friday. Can we please have the correct kit in school to enable your child to participate confidently.  You are welcome to leave the PE kits in school until half term if you wish.



We will send homework out on a Friday.  The aim of the homework is to consolidate what the children have learned during the week and to give them the opportunity to practice further.



I can highly recommend some websites that your child might find fun to play at home. We use the following websites in school to support your child’s learning and the children seem to really enjoy them.  If you go to the websites and click on ‘learning games’ then it will generate a list of interactive games which can be played on both tablets or laptops.




We reward positive behaviour and effort in Wrens 1.  If your child displays excellent effort or behaviour, then they receive a ticket to enter a prize draw each Friday.  We will choose randomly select four winners each Friday to choose a prize from the treasure box.  We also take part in the whole school approach to behaviour by using the traffic lights system.  





We have a term full of fun and learning planned for your child!  Our theme for this term is ‘All about me’, where we will be exploring the children’s lives through Art, Science, PSHE Geography and RE.

In English, we are looking forward to furthering your child’s literacy skills through our study of a variety of rich children’s texts, including: We are currently reading ‘Not now Bernard’ by David McKee.

Through our shared reading of these texts we will have opportunities to understand and use simple punctuation. Pupil’s will also have opportunities to create own texts based on these texts and our topic – ‘All about me’.

This year we are also very privileged to use a handwriting scheme called ‘Letter-join’. Children will have 3 taught session throughout the week.


In Maths, we will be learning about:

  • Number and place value
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money
  • Time
  • Fractions
  • Properties of shapes.


In Year 1, we follow the National curriculum to teach your child a broad and balanced syllabus which aims to promote progression.  Full details of the national expectations for Year 1 can be found here.